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Thu 17th September 2015

Ben & Nick's Action Against Hunger Dinner

Ben Maschler and Nick Gibson invite you to a dinner in aid of Action Against Hunger cooked by them - expect 'home cooked' treats and a very enjoyable night out. You can now book here https://endhunger.actionagainsthunger.org.uk/TooFewChefs2015


Thu 15th October 2015


GlandstonburyIII - no part of the animal is ruled out; a gang of enormously talented chefs curated by our great friend hugely talented Andrew Clarke (@fleurdelysLDN) serve up another tribute to all that is offal...


Thu 12th November 2015

Game dinner

Our head chef Gina Hopkins is going to go to town on game..... a multi course feast of plunder from the British coutryside...


Mon 14th December 2015


Always a good idea to book before December... or September in fact

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