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Thu 12th November 2015

Game dinner

Our head chef Gina Hopkins is going to go to town on game..... a multi course feast of plunder from the British coutryside...

Thu 19th November 2015

Glandstonbury III

Curated by the master of all things offally good, Andrew Clarke, with a team of chefs determined to honour the entire animal this event is approaching institution status... do ask at the pub for details and keep an eye out on twitter etc for line up, menu and how to book


Mon 14th December 2015


Always a good idea to book before December... or September in fact (by way of update carols is fully booked with a pretty long waiting list... but do let us know if you want to come as the very fact some people booked in January means there may be people whose plans change..)

Fri 25th December 2015

Christmas Day lunch

It has never been my policy to ask staff to work on Christmas Day.... but we are always bombarded with requests from people who would like to come here for lunch. So this year we have come up with what I hope is an elegant solution.... a number of staff have talked among themselves and agreed they would like to work on the day... all the money made will be shared amongst them as a 'collective'. Which is to say we are going to serve lunch but if you come you will be cooked for and served by people who want to be here taking care of you and who will reap all the benefit. Please contact rachael@thedrapersarms.com for details

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