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Tue 14th February 2017

Valentines.... same old same old...

When I first wrote this years ago I assumed that, desperate though the things that motivated me to write it are, over time we exist in a world of increasing tolerance, greater mutual understanding, liberal values and shared love for lack of a better word. How wrong I turned out to be - instead of merely encouraging an irriversible trend of increased mutual kindness as liberals we are charged with fighting a desperate battle for progressive values and the triumph of light over darkness. This continues to be what i hope is a small piece of that fight. This year as always every penny spent here on Valentines (not profits total spending) will be donated to Refuge http://thedrapersarms.tumblr.com/post/136741999244/valentines-2016

Thu 23rd February 2017

Too Few Chefs...

A repeat of the 'Too Few Chefs' dinner in aid of Action Against Hunger.... unlike 'Too Many Chefs' when the kitchen is awash with talented chefs from across London's finest restaurants this one features.... no trained chefs at all just the Drapers owner, Nick, doing his very best for 80 guests... you can expect Lardo to feature.. again. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/too-few-chefs-2017-tickets-29518811560

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